About Me

Tony Farley

SLAM Students


I am a high school physics and multimedia teacher. I am now teaching in my twenty-second year. 21 of those years at San Leandro High School in California. I am one of the founders, along with my wife who teaches english next door to me,  of the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia (SLAM), an academy program with a state of the art media facility and the best students in the world. I also teach physics, but have not taught it for the past few years.

Books by Tony Farley


I write science textbooks but my latest book was a triathlon training guide called Couch Potato to Triathlete. I am currently working on an astronomy based book that uses astronomy to teach physics and math skills. My favorite parts about writing a book is making difficult material understandable and creating a beautiful page. I don’t always create beautiful pages, but I try to introduce an element of beauty with graphics or layout that makes the pages of my books attractive and interesting. I cannot stand a plain page of text.

Tony Farley Finishing Ironman Arizona


I am a certified triathlon coach and an Ironman finisher. I have raced triathlons for years and love the kindness and competitiveness of the triathlon community.  I also think there is nothing better than swimming, biking, and running in beautiful places. I recently raced in the Oakland Sprint Triathlon where I placed sixth in my age group.

Beautiful Places in HD intro card


I am the creator of the Webby Award (honoree) winning podcast Beautiful Places in HD. Through my videos, my photography, and my textbook illustrations and layout, I now consider myself to be an artist.

All these labels and many more are titles that have not come easily or naturally to me. I have always struggled with having the “right” to call myself any of these but I am proud to now claim them.