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Yosemite Valley in The Snow 0

Yosemite Valley in The Snow

A peaceful walk through Yosemite Valley during the Winter. Beautiful views of Half Dome, the Merced River, Yosemite Falls, and mist rising from Ahwahnee Meadow. The show ends with a great quote from Ansel Adams.

Mercury the week of Feb. 26th 2019 0

Mercury the week of Feb. 26th 2019

Today’s show shows you where to find Mercury in the sky. If you go out right after sunset and look to the West, Mercury will be the first star you see low in the sky near where the sun set....


What can you identify in the night sky?

Like knowing the sites and streets of the town you live in, everyone should know something of their stellar neighborhood and be able to identify a few things if for no reason but to remind us that we are spinning...


Sequoia National Park: The Giant Forest

This episode of Beautiful Places is a walk through The Giant Forest in the Winter right after a snow storm. The morning light shining through the trees as snow falls created an enchanted forest of light and snow. The video focuses on the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree in the world.


Orion the Hunter and it’s Stars

If you go out after sunset turn to the East and look up to find Orion the Hunter. You will see three stars in a line that make up the belt of Orion and four stars in a rectangle around...


The Dance of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon

In the weeks after January 25th, 2019 Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon perform a dance in the morning sky. The 25th begins with Venus, Jupiter, and Antares in a line in the Southeast sky right before sunrise. As the weeks...


Venus and Jupiter Rising January 24th 2019

I’ve been wanting to do a show about what you can see up in the sky for quite a while. Venus and Jupiter rising in the morning finally inspired me to just do it. Here’s the first show.

Image of Tony Farley and Pauline Cutter honoring him with the Mayor's Award of Excellence 0

I Was Awarded The Mayor’s Award Of Excellence!

Whoop whoop! I was awarded the Mayor’s Award of Excellence for my service to the San Leandro Community. The story on the website reads: “SAN LEANDRO, CA: At the December City Council meeting, San Leandro High School teacher Tony...

Tony Farley standing where the fence moved 16 feet in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. 0

The Earthquake Trail

Join me on a tour of The Earthquake Trail in Point Reyes, California. Along the way, I stop at a few kiosks and explain the geology one can learn there. I then visit a place where the ground moved sixteen...

page from Astronomy by Tony Farley 0

Working on an Astronomy Book

You would think that with all the physics books I have written and the fact that I teach physics, that I really love physics. I don’t. I have never done that well in physics classes and for the most part,...


Pothole Dome

Pothole Dome is a granite dome in Yosemite right off the Tioga road, that has an abundance of geologic features showing the effects of glaciers and water under pressure. Pothole Dome is located in Tuolumne Meadows. If you’re driving from...


Golden Gate Shooting and Alex Lindsay

So there I was with my friend Rick, taking pictures on a hill near Point Bonita when I hear a voice saying “excuse me sir do you know you need a permit to film here?” I’ve heard this before and...


Climbing for Kids

I finished the video of the Grand Teton climb! The video premiered at The Ascent, a kickoff show for the new season of Climbing for Kids. The crowd loved the show. I talked to many prospective climbers and hopefully convinced some...


Methuselah Grove

I took a snowy trek through Methuselah Grove. What a magical and beautiful place. I had the park to myself as the snow closed the road. I hiked a few miles into the park and then into the Grove.