Books by Farley

Couch Potato to Triathlete

This book will guide you step by step through getting off the couch, training for, and then racing your first sprint triathlon race. The book contains a complete training plan along with advice on everything from buying good lubricants for those places that rub to not buying that expensive carbon fiber tri-bike. The book also includes companion Facebook, Twitter, and Strava groups so you don’t have to go it alone. There is also a companion online triathlon school you can join. If you’re ready to change your life, this is the book for you. Available on the Kindle Store and the iBook Store.

All my books that are available on the iTunes Book Store here.


An interactive physics book about gravity. Contents of this book are currently being updated and incorporated into a new Astronomy book! Only available at the iBook Store for iPad, iPhone, and Mac due to interactive features not possible on Kindle.

Astronomy Coming in 2020!

Click here to purchase Gravity from the iBook Store.

The Electric Force

My first book! An interactive physics book covering everything to do with the Electric Force. I had so much fun with this one figuring out how to illustrate electric fields using Cinema 4D. This book has videos, animations, and interactive quizzes that only work with the iBook version for iPad, iPhone, or MacOS. The Kindle version is also available but a hollow shell of what it should be. Someday Kindle will catch up and that will be a great day for me and everyone else.

Arduino, Programming, Circuits, and Physics

A workbook for educators or anyone wanting to learn about Arduino, programming, circuits, and some physics.