Category: 1.1 Creating

Candidates demonstrate the ability to create instructional materials and learning environments using a variety of systems approaches.


Second Life Astronomy Lesson

In my Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds course we have been challenged to teach a lesson in a virtual world to the rest of the class. Something I have always wanted to do was build learning experiences in Second...

Image of Cesar Chavez and Bobby Kennedy breaking fast 0

Haiku Deck Presentation of the Fast for Nonviolence

Here is a link to my Haiku Deck Presentation on the Fast for Nonviolence. The Fast for Nonviolence – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires. My multimedia program participates in a yearly project called the Fast for Nonviolence....


Final Projects Done!

Whew, I’m done with this Semester. This was a difficult one due to the theory-rich nature of the courses I was in. But I learned a lot. You have mostly seen my graphics work lately from my Graphic Design for...