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Learning Log for my EdTech 521 course.


EdTech 521: Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction Tier 1 strategies that I use are mostly adaptations in delivery. I create step by step instructions, video instructions, and I deliver the content live first. In online education it is important to provide multiple pathways for students...

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EdTech 521: Netiquette Rules

Website to Netiquette Lesson shown above. What is Netiquette? Netiquette is a proper way of relating to other people online. It involves respecting one another, and treating people as human beings deserve to be treated even though communication is not...

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EdTech 521: Community Building Strategies

Strategies Rationale Participation Social Interaction Shared Identity Individual Identity Knowledge Generation Ownership Students will create avatars with their image Students will be able to recognize each other from their forum posts x x x Students will post a hello message...