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Educational Technology Content Curation with Flipboard

Educational Technology Content Curation with Flipboard

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Content curation is something I have always been interested in but just couldn’t find the time to do it well. A good content curator does all the work for you by finding great information and making it available to others. With my Beautiful Places podcast and my other nature videos I have always wanted to find others doing similar film work and feature them on a website, Youtube, or some kind of feed or magazine. To do it seriously though takes a lot of time.

Now as I look for good sources of information during my Educational Technology studies I have found quite a few content curation tools and tried some of them to see how they work.

I like Flipboard (linked above) as it allows me to find articles and pages I like and “Flip” them to my board. Other tools did the searching for me and posted the pages but did not allow me to actually curate the content.

I also tried Paper automatically creates a nice looking online newspaper for you and others to read. You can go in and move, delete, and even ban content from your paper.

Here’s my paper. Click the image to view it. Online newspaper on Educational Technology Online newspaper on Educational Technology

I also have dabbled in Pinterest before and I really like the way you can curate articles and websites with Pinterest. You can write a little information about what you found interesting with each site and you can also pin your own sites! I pinned my newspaper above and also pinned some of the articles found for me.

EdTech Pinterest by Tony Farley

EdTech Pinterest by Tony Farley

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Content Curation is an important skill to learn for students, teachers, or anyone interested in a subject. I’ve always thought that content curation is a great way to rise in the ranks of any profession or hobby. Your expertise in a subject can be shown by the useful things you find and share with others and your name can become well known in an area if you gather and share useful things. At the same time you share with others, you are also keeping up with the latest in your field, so the time is well spent for many reasons.

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