EdTech 521: Fast for Nonviolence Topic Choice Activity

Fast for Nonviolence Topic Choice Activity



The goal of this lesson is to allow my students to research different topics in the struggle for nonviolence and discuss their choices in an online forum on a Moodle site I have created. We have an annual event where students fast for a day and present their nonviolence media to their classes. This year, the media will be part of an online campaign they will create using a video created by their group (Youtube), a website created by their group, and a social media site such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Recorded Presentation

In this lesson, the students will view past Fast media pieces and use the web to research topics for their Fast media and campaign. I will create a video that shows some of the best videos and projects of the past along with a historical overview of the Fast for Nonviolence and how it spawned the school’s Season of Service project.



My students are 10th, 11th, and 12th grade high school students in the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia at San Leandro High School. We are a 180 student program consisting of Multimedia, Video Production, English, and Social Studies classes.


Context of Skills Learned

This lesson is only the first exploration activity where students will begin to form ideas for their project. They will view past videos, explore causes using the web, and find information that may help their cause.


Tools Available

San Leandro Academy for Multimedia students have access to video cameras, still cameras, video editing workstations, video editing and graphics software, sound recording studios, and the internet. I am building a Moodle site to use to get everyone together and communicating but the going is slow.


Instructional Goals

At the end of this lesson students will understand the goals of this year’s Fast for Nonviolence as well as some of the history of the Fast. Students will also have at least three topics identified as possibilities for their Fast project and found online information and organizations that support their causes.


Lesson Title

Fast for Nonviolence topic exploration


Learning goals, objectives, and standards addressed

Gather relevant information from multiple authoritative print and digital sources, using advanced searches effectively; assess the strengths and limitations of each source in terms of the specific task, purpose, and audience; integrate information into the text selectively to maintain the flow of ideas, avoiding plagiarism and overreliance on any one source and following a standard format for citation.


Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, assess the credibility and accuracy of each source, and integrate the information while avoiding plagiarism.


Link to Common Core Standards linked to Technology & Digital Media



Tony Farley, Multimedia and Senior Project teacher in the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia at San Leandro High School.


Student introduction

This activity will allow you to view past Fast for Nonviolence work that SLAM has created and begin to form the topic for your work. You will then research different topics of interest to you to find important information about the topic that could be incorporated into your work. In this year’s Fast you will form groups based on a common cause you have identified as important to you. You must find a cause that you are passionate about, create a 3-5 minute video on the cause and create an online campaign to further your cause and get people involved in some way. This does not have to be a documentary. This can be a story that illustrates an aspect of the cause, a re-enactment, a documentary, or an experimental piece.


Assigned readings and resources

I will post exemplary projects from past Fast projects that exemplify what I expect.

I will also identify websites that have information about non-violence causes.



Students will create an online nonviolence campaign with a website, a video, and using social media. This will be done in future assignments.


Activities and Assignments

Students will create a forum topic in the class Moodle and allow other students to join their cause and begin planning their work on the project.


Support for Learners with Special Needs

We have many students with special needs that need to be addressed in this project. Our most challenged students include one who had a brain aneurysm over Summer and is only able to participate in class occasionally but we welcome him when he can make it and hope he can make it more often as he makes progress in his healing. Another student has a hearing issue brought on by multiple cleft surgeries. He also misses days and has good and bad days with his hearing. We an autistic student who can be challenging in group situations. We have many students with processing issues and many with ADHD. We also have many students with emotional issues and living conditions that consume their lives sometimes.


With our student needs in mind, the lessons will be delivered in multiple ways: In text on the web page for the assignment, in videos that I create, and delivery will also be done by me in class. This is also how I create most of my lessons. The steps the students need to go through are on our website along with graphics illustrating what they will be seeing as they complete the work and I also go over the steps live to them before they start work. This allows students who miss class for whatever reason or fall behind in class to easily catch up on what they missed. I would love to have the time to record myself giving the lessons as well but I just can’t yet.


The use of a forum is another adaptation that I want to bring to this lesson as well as my future lessons. For the Fast for Nonviolence, we wish to group students according to the cause they are passionate about and this will require students in different courses to collaborate. We use the Google Suite of apps but I have not found Google groups or anything else to be useful for this. I am hoping either Moodle forums or a bulletin board that I am working on will be the ideal solution to this. I bring this up because this same asynchronous bulletin board will enable my students who are challenged in group settings or by missing class can still be a part of their group through the forum.


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