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When I tell my friends that I am studying Educational Technology they never ask me what it is. If you’ve known me for more than a few hours you know that I am an educator that embraces the use of technology in education. My courses are the most technologically rich courses at my school as I am always incorporating new technologies and new ways of teaching and learning into my courses. I believe it is my duty, since most courses don’t touch technology in ways deeper than word processing, to integrate technologies important in tomorrow’s world into each of my lessons and units.

In my first course in Educational Technology, EdTech501, we have spent a lot of time learning about what Educational Technology is. The Prezi above takes the accepted definition of Educational Technology and sets it inside an image of my classroom. You can see everything from computers, to DVDs, to a small corner of my 3D printer. Most important are my students. My students are challenged to step out of the box often and I try to create a classroom environment where students can relax and have fun with little anxiety over the technology.

Definitions are important. In this case, the definition sets the guidelines for what we learn and do in Educational Technology.

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