EdTech 521: Community Building Strategies


Strategies Rationale Participation Social Interaction Shared Identity Individual Identity Knowledge Generation Ownership
Students will create avatars with their image Students will be able to recognize each other from their forum posts x x x
Students will post a hello message to the forum introducing themselves and something about them. Students will get to know other students. x x
Forum categories will be created for animation, video, 3D, photography, and effects. Students will post work to these categories. Students can follow other student work in the category and get involved where they can. x x x
A forum category for SLAM leadership will be created to give our leadership students somewhere to discuss events and fundraisers. Student leaders can work faster than their weekly meetings and all students can be involved and know what is going on. x x x x
Class categories will be created for multimedia, video production, english, and social studies for teachers and students in these courses to post and participate in course specific discussions. The bulletin board will be helpful for class specific discussions, assignments, help, and collaboration. x x
A SLAM announcements and discussions section will be created for all academy announcements and discussions. Quicker dissemination of information as well as discusions and questions about upcoming events or issues. x x
A Help section will be created to help with technology questions or how-to information. Students can help each other with technology issues. x x x x


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