Evaluation Proposal

Evaluation of Determining Instructional Purposes (DIP) Training Program

A Proposal Submitted to the Far West Laboratory Educational and Research Development (FWL)


Worldtree Evaluation, Inc



Worldtree Evaluators, Inc. proposes to conduct a pilot training program where a small group of educational administrators and graduate students will be trained in the three Determining Instructional Purposes (DIP) units to evaluate whether or not Far West Laboratory for Educational and Research Development should commit resources to market the DIP training program package. Educational administrators and graduate students interacting with and evaluating the training will lend credibility to the evaluation and help in marketing the training program.


Far West Laboratory for Educational and Research Development has created the Determining Instructional Purposes (DIP) training package, a three unit course. The course consists of a Coordinators Handbook and three training units: Unit 1-Setting Goals, Unit 2-Analyzing Problems, and Unit 3-Deriving Objectives are meant to be self contained units aimed to train educational administration administrators and graduate students in planning effective school programs.


Evaluation Method

Worldtree Evaluators proposes to conduct a pilot training program where a small group of administrators and graduate students from Local College’s Education Department will go through the three units. Evaluation will be embedded into every aspect of the pilot program to determine the marketability of the DIP training package and to provide concrete and trusted information to administrators considering purchasing the product. Many sources of data will be generated throughout the process.


Coordinator, administrator, and graduate student satisfaction will be measured throughout the training to provide measures of perceived effectiveness of the training.


Task Schedule

Evaluation of  DIP Training Package


We propose to run the pilot program during a three week sessions this Summer. This will allow a full run through of each unit per week during the session.


  1. Meet with Far West Laboratories staff to discuss evaluation goals and outcomes.
  1. Submit data collection plan and instruments for review by FWL
  1. Provide Feedback on data collection plan and instruments
  1. Revise data collection plan and instruments
  1. Run training sessions and collect all data and interviews
  1. Summarize data and meet with FWL to present and discuss.
  1. Write final report and submit to FWL
Agency Responsible








Deadline Date

May 1, 2017

May 14, 2017

May 21, 2017

May 30, 2017

July 30, 2017

Aug 30, 2017

Sept. 30, 2017


Worldtree Evaluations Inc. is a small but dynamic evaluation team that can work quickly and efficiently through all steps of a project evaluation with professional attention to detail and communication. We pride ourselves in making evaluation a fun and rewarding experience for all. From our first meeting where we begin with warm-up activities and snacks, to roll-playing needs assessments, all the way to the final evaluation presentation you will know you are in the hands of professionals. The experience of evaluation will inspire you as well as enrich your project with new energy and focus.

Project Personnel


Tony Farley is a world class evaluator and the CEO of Worldtree Evaluations Inc. He will oversee this evaluation and the team of evaluators and trainers. Tony Farley is renowned in the evaluation world, training evaluators at conferences, authoring books on evaluation, and is the host of the award winning This Week In Evaluation Podcast (TWIEP).


Carrie Mathison has worked under Tony Farley for ten years as a senior evaluation officer. Carrie leads a team of evaluation assistants in everything from setting up meeting snacks and drinks all the way to data crunching and creating the final evaluation presentation. Her energy and enthusiasm for your project as well as its evaluation will engage your company in this evaluation like never before.




Personnel $30,000

(pay for project director Tony Farley, senior evaluation officer Carrie Mathison, and assistants)


Stipends for Pilot Program administrators and graduate students. $15,000



(Travel, printing, office supplies, food and drinks for meetings and pilot program $5,000


  • 3-5 paragraphs or so for a short proposal like this one.
  1. This is probably the most important part of the proposal.
  2. Describe how you would do the requested evaluation (i.e., evaluation method) if you
  3. are selected by FWL to do the evaluation of its DIP material. You should consider at least the following:

o For what purpose(s) is the evaluation being done? What do you want to be able to decide as a result of the evaluation?

o Who is the audience for the information from the evaluation?

o What kinds of information are needed to make the needed decision(s)? o From what data sources should the information be collected?

o What instruments should be used to collect the needed data?

Rule of thumb: Make your best estimate of how long a project task will take, and then

multiply by 1.5 (most evaluations always take longer than you originally estimate).

  1. Budget or Fee
    • A proposed budget to do the evaluation.
    • Include standard budget information: personnel, travel and per diem, supplies,
    • materials, etc. The federal 2017 mileage rate is $0.53.5/mile.
    • Personnel fees (e.g., hourly or daily rate) should match stated roles and qualifications.
    • Your proposal is for an evaluation costing up to $50,000. Make sure your budget does
    • not exceed that amount.


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