Evaluation Report: San Leandro Academy for Multimedia Fast for Nonviolence

The entire Evaluation Report is linked here.


The San Leandro Academy for Multimedia (SLAM) participates in an annual service learning project called the Fast for Nonviolence. Students in the Fast create media campaigns on a non-violence topic they are passionate about and present those campaigns in non-SLAM classes on the day they are fasting.

This evaluation will determine if the Fast was more effective due to a change in format for this year’s fast. This evaluation will also determine how next year’s Fast will be formatted as well as what changes can be made in the Fast to make it more effective and impactful to our school and community.

The results of the evaluation show that the Fast for Nonviolence was effective from the standpoint of the students who participated in the Fast as well as the teachers who hosted Fast presentations in their classes. It is uncertain whether students who watched the presentations were affected due to the inability to survey or obtain school violence data.



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