Lesson Ideas for Synchronous Lesson Delivery

Image of classroomMy lessons to my students always start in front of the class, teacher centered, and lecture driven. I like to begin with focus and direction, even if that is all I am doing. My lessons are all available on our website, with step by step instructions for students who are absent or who need more time for assignments. But I’ve been finding that many students don’t consult the instructions even when they get stuck. They ask me for help or the ask a friend. This gets frustrating because I go through a lot of effort to create the lessons.

Some ideas I have for these lessons:

#1 Don’t go through the steps in front of the students when the steps are on the site. Or, refuse to help anyone who has not tried the instructions first. I like to help, so I have to fight that urge in myself to come to the rescue, but I really feel like I enable my students’ helplessness and stunt their ability to grow by always being there a hand-wave away.

#2 I would like to record some of the lessons in advance so I can just play the video to them. I know this sounds lazy, but I find that students pay attention to a video that is playing. They tend to tune me out. This leaves me open to keep the students on track and paying attention. Maybe I could space up my videos also, so they are not just tutorial videos. I need the time for this.

#3 I would love to Skype or Hangout in experts, alumni, and others into my class. Again, it’s the time needed to set it up, to make sure it works before-hand, and then to pull it off. I just don’t set aside the time for this. I need to though.

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