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Image of Tony Farley with personal tattoos all over

Me all tatted up

In my Graphic Design for Learning class at Boise State the students were asked to create a graphic or series of graphics that shows who they are and what they like to do.

I have never got a tattoo, but I do think about what I would get if I did. And I always come back to tattoos that represent things I love. So I thought this was a perfect assignment to see myself with some tattoos.

I used quite a bit of transformation, warping, and blending to get the graphics to look like they follow the contours of my face. I think I did alright.

Starting from the top is a swimmer, a biker, and a runner. I am a triathlete and a triathlon coach. I love to swim, bike, and I kinda like to run (not really) and I thought they went well right on top on my forehead (images from

Under my right eye (your left) are the tears of things I have accomplished. I finished an Ironman race in 2013 and so I have an Ironman™ logo as my first tear.  Under that is a movie camera to represent my podcast, Beautiful Places in HD. You can watch the show on Hulu, Youtube, iTunes, or on my website at I prefer if you use Hulu as that’s where I make the most money. Under that is my Heisenberg Jesus Fish. I created this graphic to represent my love of science and my uncertainty with our origins. If you like it, you can buy a t-shirt, hat, whatever at my Zazzle Store linked here. This tattoo also represents my interactive textbook publishing. I have written and illustrated four textbooks for the iPad that can be found on the iBook Store here. I am very proud of these books and want to write many more in the future. If I could write textbooks full time, I would love it. Right now I do it in my spare time, which is why I have not published anything for a while. Spare time, what’s that?

On the left side of my face (to your right) is Cheryl, the love of my life. We have been married for 27 years. We work together in the San Leandro Academy for Multimedia (SLAM) and have classrooms next door to each other. We have a great life together.

Under Cheryl, is Saturn for my love of the universe and astronomy. Space has been a constant thread through my life that has propelled me to do most of what I do. A large regret in my life was that I did not become an astronaut or an astronomer. There’s still time though.

On my neck are a tat for my academy, SLAM, which is my family at school. My SLAM students and alumni are such a huge part of my life, I feel like they are my children. There’s no better feeling than to know you have over 500 people out there that are like children to you and you are like a father to them. It’s such an honor to be able to watch them grow through high school and then watch them grow into adulthood.

On the other side of my neck is the Moon and Half Dome. I love the beautiful places on our planet. My favorite place in the world is Yosemite and I’m so blessed to be close to it. My dream is to become a park ranger someday and create films that teach people all about Yosemite and the geology of Yosemite.

So that’s me.

What tattoos would you choose to show what you love?


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