Project #9: Worked Example Screencast

This is a project showing “Fading” in a worked example screencast. This is a physics problem where you are given the time it takes for something to drop and you need to calculate how high the object fell in that time. I do it all the way through first, then do another problem where I do everything except the final calculation, then I do less and less until the final problem the viewer has to do the entire problem all on their own. This is called fading.

I used the SmartBoard in my classroom for this along with the SmartBoard Notebook program to create the different pages with the problems on them. I recorded everything with Camtasia and then edited the whole thing in Final Cut Pro to add the intro graphic, sound effects, and credits at the end. I also cut out some places where I messed up. The key to being able to fix things later when you mess up is to go back a step and start over in the recording. That ways you can just edit out the mistake and start things over at a natural break in the action.

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