Self Evaluation of Asynchronous Lesson

In this post I will be evaluating an Asynchronous lesson I created for my Boise State EdTech 521 course on Online Teaching in the K-12 Environment. The lesson I created was to allow my students to research different topics in the struggle for nonviolence and discuss their choices in an online forum on a Moodle site that I created. We have an annual event where students fast for a day and present their nonviolence media to their classes. This year, the media will be part of an online campaign they will create using a video created by their group, a website created by their group, and a social media site such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. My students never actually used the lesson.

I decided that a live assembly of all our students was what we needed for our kickoff event. I still completed the Moodle site (link to SLAM Moodle Site) and the lesson for this assignment but have not used the lesson for my students. I did make the videos of the assembly available to students who were not able to make it. I also decided that the Moodle forum would not be ideal for the uses I had planned for collaboration between Fast for Nonviolence groups and for other uses I envisioned. So I created a forum (link to SLAM Forum). I spent way too much time getting these going having no end of server, software, URL, and access issues but I was finally successful!

My students have used the forum to set up their groups and start communicating. This is important because we have academy students spread out throughout the periods of the day in different classes and we needed a reliable way for them to collaborate.

Here is my evaluation of my lesson:

The rubric I am using to evaluate my lesson is linked here.

For content, I evaluated my lesson to be outstanding. 20 points. My lesson included all of the following: Title, Staff information,Clearly stated lesson objectives, Introduction, Associated assignments. and Links to resources.

For Learning styles, I scored it basic. 10 points. I was just not able to do much other than link to videos, and write text and little quizzes. I could do a lot more to reach students with other learning styles.

For Engagement I’m going to say the lesson was proficient, or “very.” I created a forum, a Moodle, a Moodle lesson with little quizzes in between sections to check for understanding, added videos, and live recorded a presentation given by an expert speaker and myself. Actually, I think I deserve “High” for this. 17 points.

Adaptive/Assistive I rate my project “High” as I think there are many ways to access and understand the content even if the student was not present on the day. Being adaptive in this way is one that is important to my students and their needs. 20 points.

The Assessments are “Proficient.” I did create the little quiz questions in between lesson pages in the Moodle, but I really only did this for the assignment, not because they are needed. Most of the assessment is formative as I am looking at the Fast topics the students are creating, commenting on them, and looking for forum participation in the groups. 15 points.

My total points based on the rubric are 82/100. I think this is a fair grade.

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