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Mercury the week of Feb. 26th 2019 0

Mercury the week of Feb. 26th 2019

Today’s show shows you where to find Mercury in the sky. If you go out right after sunset and look to the West, Mercury will be the first star you see low in the sky near where the sun set....


What can you identify in the night sky?

Like knowing the sites and streets of the town you live in, everyone should know something of their stellar neighborhood and be able to identify a few things if for no reason but to remind us that we are spinning...


Orion the Hunter and it’s Stars

If you go out after sunset turn to the East and look up to find Orion the Hunter. You will see three stars in a line that make up the belt of Orion and four stars in a rectangle around...


The Dance of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon

In the weeks after January 25th, 2019 Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon perform a dance in the morning sky. The 25th begins with Venus, Jupiter, and Antares in a line in the Southeast sky right before sunrise. As the weeks...


Venus and Jupiter Rising January 24th 2019

I’ve been wanting to do a show about what you can see up in the sky for quite a while. Venus and Jupiter rising in the morning finally inspired me to just do it. Here’s the first show.