Three Augmented Reality Apps Reviewed

In my Gamified Augmented Reality and Mobile Education course at Boise State we were asked to review three educational Apps as to their potential educational use and value along with the strengths and limitations of each app.

I tested Quiver, 1600, and EyeWear.

My favorite app of the three was Quiver. With Quiver, you can print out pages of graphics and color them. I printed a volcano and colored the following picture.

You then point your phone or iPad’s camera at the paper and Quiver builds a 3D augmented reality view of your colored picture.

But notice that it captured the outer surface of the volcano from the picture in back! As you look around the image you can push the button with the fire on it and the volcano opens up to show the magma inside. If you keep pushing the fire button, the magma pulses and grows until the volcano erupts! Awesome.

Some of my students were watching me color my picture and wondering what the heck Mr. Farley is up to. I got out my phone and started looking around the volcano and my students were amazed. They regularly make ears and tongues come out of themselves with apps, but seeing a volcano was somehow amazing to them. The strengths of Quiver when it comes to education is that a student can color a picture or a volcano or a cell and then look around it in 3D. There is even a quiz available to test the different aspects of what was colored and viewed. This is a great educational app.

1600 was the next app I tested. It turns a dollar into the White House. It’s neat from the beginning as the parts of the dollar rotate and the numbers move.


Then the White House pops up and a helicopter flies in. I don’t see much to learn here though so I don’t see this as an educational app. Maybe I missed something. It would be cool if you could focus on different bills and historically relevant structures would grow out of them but right now just having a one and the White House is not so exciting.

The next app was Eyewear. It puts glasses on your face. This is another very neat app with great commercial use, but not much educational use here.



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